FAZE – in better light


Faze is a brand of Radiant Lighting with over 30 years at the forefront of lighting

quality, innovation and design.


As lighting designers, we understand light and what can be achieved using well

designed luminaries that are made from the best components.


Based in Perth, FAZE has grown into a truly International company. We source the

best quality materials from Japan, Germany, Italy and with a new state of the art

production facility in China, we create the best quality luminaries that will stand the

test of time. With sustainability in mind, we also do our best to produce luminaries

that are environmentally conscious; strategically designing them with components

that can be replaced and added to over time.


We take our commitment to Quality and Compliance very seriously, ensuring that we

always meet and exceed the highest possible standards. With a new cutting-edge

testing and compliance facility based at our head office in Balcatta, we are

now leading the way with quality in everything that we do.


We collaborate with architects, designers and builders every single day to incorporate

light into their projects. This helps us understand the market and create truly unique

and innovative luminaries.


The continued advancement in LED technology provides us with so many

opportunities to expand and grow our brand, as well as the ability to make sure that

every product stamped with the FAZE logo has the best optical performance and

optimal visual comfort no matter what the project.


FAZE aims to fill the gaps in the current lighting market, providing many lighting

solutions and endless design possibilities with its luminaires. If you would like to

know more or experience these luminaries yourself, we encourage you to come and

visit us in our Balcatta showroom and talk to our friendly design consultants or call us

on 1300 438 609