Terms & Conditions


Radiant Lighting distributes FAZE products within Australia.
We would like to provide you with some very important information regarding your purchase.

Please read the below information carefully as it concerns the conditions of sale, warranty of your fittings and our specific concern that all instructions for installation are adhered to for our luminaires.
Strict process is followed in releasing goods from Radiant Lighting, whether from our dispatch by the customer or delivered by our staff to site. This includes ensuring no items are missed from the order and everything is in good, working condition. Any damage or loss once delivered or collected, is the responsibility of the owner.

Lead times are provided as an indication only, Radiant Lighting is not responsible for unforeseen delays, including manufacture and transit delays.

Radiant Lighting will not accept responsibility for incorrect installation of fittings.

Please be sure the following requirements are adhered to;

  • The fitting is suitable for the environmental conditions that it will be exposed to. This can be done by checking the Ingress Protection (IP) rating.
  • The correct lamp or light source is used. All fittings have been designed, engineered and tested to function correctly with the light source specified alongside each product.
  • All external wall mounted fittings are installed with a seal between the fixture and wall to avoid water damage, this will ensure the warranty is not void.
  • All recessed fittings are installed with the appropriate canisters where required.
  • Appropriate dimmers are used at all times.
  • Appropriate transformers or drivers for low wattage fittings are used at all times.
  • Installation is completed by a qualified technician, compliant with Australian Standards.

All FAZE products meet a high-quality standard in manufacture and performance.

All FAZE products come with a 7 year warranty.

The warranty is void if any of the above INSTALLATION requirements are not adhered to.

In the event you need to pursue a warranty concern, please contact Radiant Lighting, advise a consultant of the issue and we will take appropriate action immediately in determining if a warranty needs to be raised and if our electrician needs to attend. Please note: Radiant Lighting will not be responsible for the costs involved if you engage your own electrician.

Dimming switches/ control units are only sold with a small selection of our luminaires, these are otherwise supplied and installed by the electrician.

Please be aware, not all luminaires are dimmable; we suggest you ensure dimming requirements are discussed prior to purchase to avoid disappointment or potential damage to the fitting.

Please ensure the electrician has checked compatibility of the dimmer for the luminaires and also if CBUS or similar is being used; most common dimming systems will be compatible but this is never guaranteed.
Anything over and above standard dimming must be specifically requested at time of quote, for example: CBUS, DALI, 1-10V Driver. It is incumbent upon the recipient to ensure required dimming protocol has been highlighted or specified. Whilst all care is taken to meet the specific needs, following the quote, Radiant Lighting holds no further responsibility for additional parts or labour costs incurred.

Returns must be made within 7 days of invoice date.
Please be sure you have taken time to consider your purchase, any items special ordered are not available to be returned, refunded or credited.

A special order is any order purchased specifically to be imported, as opposed to items held in stock or from the floor.

All returns must have original undamaged packing to claim a credit. There will be no credit for missing parts.

Damaged, used or customised goods cannot be taken back.

No release of goods are permitted without full payment of the order, with the exception

of canisters, which may be released on payment of a deposit and at the discretion of Radiant Lighting.


For any items that are either “Damaged”, “Damaged in Transit” or “Dead on Arrival” you must contact us within 48 hours of remittance.

If requested, faulty items must be returned to Radiant Lighting in order to be repaired/replaced/refunded. Items must be returned within 14 days of being issued Return of Goods Authority. After this time we cannot accept the product.

Only items deemed damaged will constitute a repair/replacement/refund.


Radiant Lighting hold no responsibility for the installation of incorrect dimmers.

Radiant Lighting hold no responsibility of incorrect positioning or installation of fittings.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 438 609