From concept to life cycle, we are committed to making sure that Faze luminaires have the lowest environmental impact possible.

Curbing Climate Change

FAZE luminaires have made leaps and bounds in their quality, designs, repairability but they aren’t the only areas we’re focused on improving. The environmental impact of packaging and distributing luminaires all over Australia, and recently into Malaysia, can stack up within the blink of an eye. That is why we’ve moved to 100% recyclable packaging.


Each of our luminaries have been custom designed in house and built with high quality materials from Japan, Germany and Italy. Our luminaires are built to last in the harsh Australian climate and avoid becoming landfill.

Quality & Sustainable Materials

With materials sourced from Japan, Germany, and Italy, we’ve made sure to use sustainable and quality suppliers. Where possible, we use aluminium in our luminaires due to it's superior heat dissipation and recyclability


Nearly every product is customisable to suit your needs. From finishes, to baffles and length options, Faze luminaires are designed with customisation at their core.


Our Next-Gen LED Chips require less energy to produce a better amount of light to previous generations. Our chips are constantly improving to reduce our environmental impact.


Our luminaires are easily repairable. Being able to be taken apart, and have individual parts be replaced, not only reduces its environmental impact but compliments its ability be customised


Everything from the packaging to the luminaire itself is recyclable.

Our Luminaire Life Cycle

Reducing our environmental impact is considered at every step in our luminaire life cycle.