Radiant Lighting distributes FAZE products within Australia.

Certain conditions, warranties and undertakings are guaranteed by the Australian Consumer Law and other Australian laws, they also give you other legal rights in regard to the quality and aptness of FAZE products sold in Australia.

Under the Australian Consumer Law, there are guarantees that our goods cannot be excluded from. For a major failure you are entitled to a refund or replacement and for any other reasonably calculable loss or damage, you are entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced. You can find what constitutes a major failure in the Australian Consumer Law.

There is nothing in this warranty that intends to change or eliminate the conditions, warranties, undertakings and other legal rights that are under the Australian Competition and Consumer Act and other Australian laws.

As long as the products are properly stored, installed, used and maintained in a way that follows the instructions in their instruction sheet, all FAZE products are warranted in Australia for a period stated on the packaging from the date of the delivery of the product. Products will not be covered by this warranty if they have been altered in any way or used other than what is stated in their instructions.

Radiant Lighting recommends that the purchaser attaches their proof of purchase to their product manual as it will be requested by Radiant Lighting for any warranty claim.

Please note the warranty does not cover removal or reinstallation of the product or that part of the product that you deem defective. If you do want to claim under this warranty, you must do so at your own expense.

You must return the product or that part of the product that you believe is defective, along with proof of original purchase back to Radiant Lighting at the address above within the warranty period from the date of purchase. Your name, address, telephone number, certificate of installation or other document required by law for the installation of electrical products in the place in which the product was installed also must be included.

Radiant Lighting’s complete responsibility under this Warranty is bounded by the cost of repair of replacement of the faulty product. Radiant Lighting may carry out the terms under this Warranty in full by repair or replacement of a faulty product lamp or any other items that are classified as consumable items are not covered by this warranty.

To avoid confusion, please note that the following are excluded: any and all warranties or conditions that are not guaranteed under the Australian Competition and Consumer Act or the Australian Competition and Consumer Regulations 2010 and which are not specifically included in this warranty as additional warranties or conditions.

Loss or damage caused by wear and tear, misuse, incorrect installation or operation, failure to clean and maintain, inaccurate voltage or illegitimate electrical connections, adverse external conditions (such as power surges and dips, acts of God, exposure to heat, corrosion, insect or vermin infestation) are not covered by this warranty.

This warranty also does not cover use of unauthorised or defective parts/globes, or items that have been repaired by a party other than Radiant Lighting.