Salter Point, Urban Living

This display home by AMG showcases just how creative you can be with lighting. Featuring a wide range of our luminaires, this Salter Point home is a stunning example of the versatility of Faze.

Throughout the entirety of the home is the Lite 108 and Lite mini, which have been used for both accent and ambient light. The kitchen features a more unique choice of the Silo 60 Surface, placed as a pair above the kitchen bench top.

Following this, we have 3 of the Vita Adjustables, which have been used to illuminate both the artwork and the feature wall of the dark exposed brick. You will also notice the Vita Fixed as a unique bathroom lighting choice, illuminating the feature black marble wall.

In the theatre is the Core, mounted seamlessly to the wooden feature ceiling. As well as this, our Fusion PCB 120 LED strip has been used throughout the hallway and main living area, to illuminate the walls.


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