Behind The Design

Lighting designed in Perth, Western Australia.

Every single Faze luminaire is designed in our Perth lighting laboratory and creative studio. It begins with a passion for lighting, combined with extensive trend and market research.

Our design team works collaboratively from idea to realisation, relying on input from architects, engineers, electricians, builders and designers. Listening to what works and what doesn’t, including how they want to create great spaces benefits future development and enhancements to the Faze lighting range. Looking for gaps in the lighting market helps us expand on ideas to create truly remarkable luminaires. This whole process shows us how we can push the boundaries and seek new possibilities in lighting design.

Going above and beyond anything seen before.

Our latest collection of luminaires goes above and beyond anything available to date, both technologically and aesthetically. Based on years of experience, our advanced flicker-free drivers eliminate flicker completely, and deep-set LED aluminium heat sinks that provide class-leading heat dissipation. All these specific lighting components and more have been carefully thought out and trialled to make sure they provide joyous light for years to come.

We create unique designs that become an intrinsic part of amazing designer lighting solutions. If you would like more information on any of our luminaires or have an upcoming project that you would like us to be a part of, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

A refined process for unique innovative designs.

A strong design foundation ensures our luminaires are developed with the utmost care to deliver the best quality lighting. The Faze process has been honed across many years to deliver unique lighting solutions for any project:


1. Concept

Each product design is sparked by an idea or gap in the market, which is then sketched out for planning.


2. Refined Illustration

We then use software to complete a refined drawing and 3D render of the product.


3. Sourcing Materials

Faze sources the best materials for each particular product. This includes the LED chip and driver.


4. Prototype Engineered

A prototype is engineered based on the concept drawing, using carefully sourced materials.


5. Revision & Performance Testing

The sample is then revised and tested to ensure it meets the required standards and is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.


6. Cultivated Design & Development

Based on all testing and revision, each fitting is developed and improved. All changes that are made, ensure that each fitting is of the highest quality for final production.


7. Packaging Design & Instructions:

Once the final details and measurements are confirmed, the packaging and instructions are then individually tailored to that product. We ensure every product has ideally-sized packaging to reduce waste and breakage. Packages are carefully designed and printed with instructions to ensure safe, easy and compliant installation.

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Faze Packaging Design
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