Indirect Lighting


Indirect lighting plays a pivotal role in modern architectural and interior design, providing nuanced illumination that enhances both functionality and aesthetics. However, misconceptions about this lighting method persist. Faze Lighting aims to demystify these and present an overview of the various indirect lighting options available.


Inadequate Brightness: A common misconception is that indirect lighting lacks the capacity to adequately illuminate a space. While indirect lighting is characterised by its softer, diffused light, its strategic implementation can effectively brighten an area without causing glare or harsh shadows.

Limited Application: Some believe indirect lighting is only suitable for specific settings or atmospheres. In reality, its versatility allows it to be integrated into various environments, from professional office spaces to cosy residential interiors.


Wall Lights: These fixtures, mounted on walls, direct light upwards or downwards, creating a soft glow that can accentuate the height of a space and highlight architectural features.
Products to consider: Cubix
Linear Lights: Often used in coves or ledges as well as hidden within joinery, linear lights provide consistent and continuous illumination along their length. They are ideal for emphasising straight lines and edges in modern interiors.
Products to consider: Fusion 480
Pendant Lights: A pendant light placed indirectly above a table provides a comforting and intimate glow without casting stark light downward, creating an intimate ambiance.
Products to consider: Line Opal
Wayfinding Lights: These are subtle lighting solutions often integrated into staircases, hallways, or corridors. They guide people through a space, ensuring safety without overpowering the primary lighting sources.
Products to consider: Step Round and Step Square
Up Lights: Positioned on the floor and directed upwards, up lights can highlight walls, artworks, or architectural features. They are particularly effective in rooms with high ceilings or outdoor environments.


Indirect lighting is a multifaceted tool in the designer’s arsenal. When applied with discernment and expertise, it can transform spaces, marrying functionality with aesthetics. Faze Lighting is committed to offering advanced solutions in this domain, ensuring that our clients can realise their vision with precision and elegance.