The NEST is the latest display home from Webb & Brown-Neaves, situated in beautiful Treeby. This home is kaleidoscopic in design and celebrates all the mayhem and mischief of raising kids; aimed to bring families together across every stage of life, and every stage of day.

We have incorporated a vast range of our luminaires throughout this project, both inside and across the exterior. The living room, bathrooms and bedrooms all have inviting, ambient light produced by our Faze Pro Downlights, with the living room also including stunning accent light from our Vita Adjustables that highlight the stunning wall artwork. The kitchen includes a statement collection of our Faze Silo Suspension pendants above the island, for both aesthetics and task lighting when preparing meals. On the staircase we have installed our new Faze Step Round wall lights on every fourth step, this not only helps with safety at night but also adds a little extra to what might have otherwise been an overlooked space in the home. Another feature of Silo Suspensions can be seen in the middle of the ceiling, this time using different lengths for a unique design.