Where Extravagance meets Elegance

The Breakwater recently experienced a massive renovation, ranging across both the lower and upper floors. Extravagance meets elegance, featuring a hollywood style vibe, this space is where lighting is absolutely crucial in creating the right atmosphere.

Throughout the upper floor is timber strips cladded over the bulkhead and ceiling, this feature needed a creative approach without disturbing the lines of the design. The Core 70 Adjustable was the best selection for this, as it’s minimal contour keeps the design clean and fits perfectly amongst the cladded timber strips. As you approach the Shufflin signage booths, you’ll notice the white, surface mounted Core 70 track, used as a stylish solution for ambient light. Lastly, you’ll notice the Faze Edge 100 Downlights have been scattered throughout, as another source of ambient light.

Designer: BHO Interiors

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