Inspired by Palm Springs in the states, this display home oozes laid-back elegance with nostalgic glamour and California mod.

Our lighting fixtures complement the minimalistic, mid-century architecture perfectly, both inside and out in the alfresco area. The living, kitchen and dining areas feature our Core Track, lights that are minimal, functional and versatile and also provide ideal accent lighting. Our Pro Square Mini downlights have been used throughout all rooms of the home, designed to enhance; this luminaire brings each space to life. We have also changed up your average bedside lights with our Slide wall lights, with their unique rotating abilities they are perfect for both decorative lighting as well as task lighting such as reading in bed. Lastly our LED strip lighting has been used throughout the home, most noticeably under the handrailing of the staircase, providing both stylish and functional lighting.

Interior Designer: Melissa Redwood Interior Design

For further information on either of these luminaires, or about the project itself, please click here and one of our experienced consultants will be more than happy to help.

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