Why choose faze Downlights

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Extraordinarily Energy Efficient

Our lights have been specially design-engineered to maximise power preservation, combining low-energy Pure-Colour LEDs and premium parts to create outstanding efficacy. In fact, FAZE lights exhibit better performance than most current LEDs, and consume as little as one fifth of the power of equivalent incandescent and halogen lights.


Enjoy up to 70,000 hours of use

FAZE interior lights boast outstanding longevity, making them an intelligent long-term lighting investment. With an expected average lifespan of up to three decades, you can enjoy rich, brilliant lighting both now and well into the future.


Bright Lights

Experience FAZE’s brilliant brightness, certified by NATA (the global testing authority). Coated in highly advanced phosphors and supported by premium lenses, our quality LEDs distribute dazzling bright light to perfection, incorporating a unique baffle design to minimise glare.


Unique Baffle Design

Our LED downlights are integrated with an anti-glare baffle. Unlike other LED’s, the Faze body is recessed back, creating an anti-glare effect that provides visual comfort and minimal glare.


Maximum Efficacy Pure-Colour Technology

FAZE’s Pure-Colour high-CRI lights bring spaces to life, flooding your interiors in richer colours, sharper details and softer tones.

Other notable features